Terms & Conditions

1.Definitions and Interpretation
In this document, unless the context indicates otherwise, the following expressions shall have the meanings assigned to them hereunder:

1.1 “Master Music” – The company Master Music AND/OR its directors AND/OR its employees.
1.2 “Student” – The person enrolling for lessons.
1.3 “Account Holder” – The person responsible for the account.
1.4 “Teacher” – The person responsible for the facilitation of lessons.

2. Application
These terms and conditions apply to any provision of services or materials by Master Music or the Teacher to the student.

3. Payment for Lesson Bookings
a) Master Music invoices the Account Holder monthly for the number of lessons booked for the upcoming month and requires payment in advance.
3b)Lessons are only considered "confirmed bookings" when proof of payment has been received.
3c) Our lesson fees are equal to the amount stipulated on our website at the time that the application is accepted. These fees remain unchanged if the account remains active, whilst new fees may apply should the account holder request for lessons to be placed on hold for more than 2 calendar months.
3d) Any payment to Master Music will be made no later than the date stipulated on the invoice provided.
3e) Master Music reserves the right to cancel or suspend lesson bookings in the case that payment becomes overdue.
3f) Master Music only accepts payment via EFT. All payments must include the account holder’s name and surname.

4. Refunds
Lessons paid for are non-refundable. Master Music may at its own discretion provide refunds in exceptional circumstances only.

5. Termination of Lessons
The account holder can terminate lessons at any time. Any paid lessons that have been booked but not completed will not be refunded. Only once Master Music has confirmed receipt of a written termination notice will the provided notice become valid.

6. Cancellation of Lessons

6.1 Lessons Cancelled by the Teacher
Lessons cancelled by the Teacher will either be scheduled for a later date on mutual agreement between the Student and the Teacher or will be credited to the next month’s invoice.

6.2 Lessons Cancelled by the Student
Lessons cancelled by the Student must be done so in written or verbal notice and at least 48 hours before the arranged time of the lesson. Lessons cancelled in time will either be scheduled for a later date on mutual agreement between the Student and the Teacher or will be credited to the next month’s invoice. If less than 48 hours’ notice is given by the Student the lesson(s) will be forfeited.  

6.3 Amendment to the Weekly Lesson Schedule
Time slots may be altered on mutual agreement between the Student and the Teacher

7. Copyright
Music, music notation, or any other material shared with the Student which is not under copyright by Master Music, but already under copyright by another party is shared with the Student for educational and practice purposes only and is strictly prohibited from distribution, copying, and shared use.

8. Non-circumvention
The Account Holder and the Student are prohibited to request or solicit the services of the Teacher privately with regard to any tutoring/teaching or tuition. In addition, the Account Holder and Student are prohibited to engage with any previously employed teachers from Master Music for a period of 12 (twelve) months from the date of termination of such teacher’s employment with Master Music.

9. Indemnity
Master Music uses strict criteria when screening and recruiting teachers. However, Master Music cannot be held responsible for the actions and behaviour of teachers. The Account Holder and the Student hereby indemnifies Master Music against, and withholds, all claims caused by or related to the behaviour, actions, or failure of action of teachers. The Client is obliged to report to Master Music any concerns or observations made of inappropriate or dissatisfactory conduct or behaviour.

10. Disclaimer
Master Music will not be held responsible for the progress, success, or lack thereof of the Student. Master Music only provides educational facilitation to the student.

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